Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Super Fun Shopping Day 1/31 Walmart, Winn Dixie, Publix, CVS & Walgreens!

Today was a lot of fun. It was the kind of shopping day that makes me love couponing! No problems anywhere I went, no cashiers giving me a hard time, everything went perfect and just as plannned!

First Trip was Walmart: Everything shown was Free + .03 overage on each lotion!

Next was Walgreens I bought all of these 12- Snickers for just $.36 (tax)

Then we headed to CVS spent $.96 OOP for 8 Speed Sticks made $6.00 in ECBs and already sent in for a $5 rebate from Palmolive - makes this a $10 MONEYMAKER!!

This was our Publix Trip. Spent $16.00 OOP and saved $28.93 !! The steak alone was $12! (missing from the picture is two more bags of Mac & Cheese)

The last trip was to Winn Dixie to get FREE Cupcakes & FREE ice cream!! Our OOP was Nothing!!!!

Like I said today was a lot of fun! Spent $17.32 Saved ~$92.00 Plus I have a $5.00 rebate & $6.00 ECBs!!! Total savings including rebates & ECBs 94%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!