About Me

Hi!!! I am Theresa Mills- I am a new mommy to the two cutest most precious babies in the entire world (yes this has been proven!). My hubby works super hard beating on wrecked cars and any other side jobs he comes up with to make the millions and keep me home with my babies.  I am a career student- 9 years now!- but soon my career will be over when I finally graduate from Florida State University this summer!! Although I love learning  I will be glad to be done because I am convinced that my brain has been permanently damaged since my kids were born because I can be found  walking into a room and completely forgetting why I am there, totally getting sidetracked into doing something else to only find myself hours later finally remembering why I am there and finding things in the fridge that just don't belong!
    Over a year ago I discovered the blogging world and that is where my obsession love of saving money started! Why pay full price for something when you don't have to! Get stuff for free or cheap so you won't feel guilty for buying those REALLY cute shoes that you NEED because guess what you can afford them now because you saved over 70% at the grocery store! ! There are so many things I love in my life but some of the little things I love are when Hunter checks the mail with me, Coupons for FREE items, winning FREE stuff (like trips to Montana!) & Sharing my FREE stuff with other people!
    I am motivated and excited by your comments- so thank you for sharing your thoughts and love with me- its what keeps me going! I love hearing about your savings- seeing what you snagged at an awesome price or answering your couponing and money saving questions!