Sunday, December 19, 2010

I did some great shopping today...

I ventured to the mall-- alone ahhh! Anyway I realized on my way to Tallahassee that I could go to the crappy mall because both of the stores I wanted to go to were there so at least I did not have to deal with the crowds!

First stop was at Rack Room Shoes I didn't have any coupons ::gasp:: but I found these shoes for Haleigh for Christmas for only $10.50! Cute huh? They match Hunter's!
Then I headed to Victoria's Secret where I actually bought myself some stuff- I had $30 in gift cards that were expiring today so I got $40 worth of stuff for less than $10-- I'll spare you the pictures =)

After VS I went to Bath and Body Works and got 3- large candles, 1 small candle, 2 lotions & 1 lip glass for just $22!! Normally this would have been over $80. 

Lastly I went to Publix just a little while ago (did you know Publix was open until 10) and had one of my best trips ever- I did not get a picture because I wouldn't even know where to start but here is what I got!

4- Ore Ida Hashbrowns
10- Steamfresh Vegtables
12- Beechnut Steamies
2- Glad Forceflex Trashbags
4- I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
2- Gerber Yogurts (4 pack)
1- Boneless Chicken Breasts
1- Ribeye Steaks
2- Pork Cube Steaks
2- Wheat Thins
2- Quaker Oatmeal
2- Nestle Cookies
1- Swiffer Dry Refill
1- Swiffer Wet Refill
2- Planters Peanuts
1- Morton Sea Salt
2- Mrs. Butterworths
1- Milk
4- Gatorade Prime
4- Duncan Hines Cake Mix
2- Colgate Toothpaste
1- Bounce
14- Muellers Pasta
3- pounds of Bananas
1- Avocado
4- Oceanspray Juice
2- Loaves of bread
8- 2 liters of  coke/diet coke
12- Dole pineapple- canned

Total Before Coupons & Sales $267.66
Total After Coupons & Sales $44.18 =)

Oh yeah I went by Barnes & Noble and picked up the kids The Night Before Christmas to give to them on Christmas Eve--- Normally $20-- I paid $15.

So my total for today was just over $100 and I got a TONNNN of stuff!! Normally it all would have been over $430!

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