Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally Some Shopping!

I did not do much shopping last week because I just didn't see much we needed! I ventured out today because I had some coupons that were about to expire here is what I got!!

Walmart is not my favorite place to shop-- but I did not feel like driving all the way to Publix- they didn't have everything I was looking for but I got all of this for $35 after coupons! The biggest part of my purchase was the two diaper genie refills that are $6 each- Walmart is the cheapest place I have found them- Anyone know any good deals on these?

My best scores were 7 FREE Athenos Greek Yogurts, BOGO Minute Maid Orange Juice, $.59/lb Bananas, 2- $1.00 Glade candles & 6 squeezable applesauce/drink things that Hunter LOOOVES for $.67/each!

We also went by CVS today because I had a $3 CVS Excedrin PM coupon (expiring today) & a $3.50 Excedrin PM coupon that I figured when combined would make for a pretty good deal. I had not even looked @ the CVS deals this week so I did not know what they had going on. I was pretty stoked when I saw that these two HUGE boxes that are normally $10.99 each were on sale for 2/$13.98 with $3 ECB. So after my coupons they were only $6.48 total plus I have $3 in ECB. I also picked up a bunch of Valentine's Day candy for the hubby- one because it was 50% off and two because I had some "extra" CVS money to spend. My total for all of this was $6 and change and I still have $3 in ECBs to use (total savings was almost $40)! (Missing in the picture are two more Nerds Ropes- Hunter thought they were toys)

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