Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SWAGBUCKS! 60 points for NEW members!!

Right now you can earn 60 FREE Swagbucks just by signing up here! This is good until 12/31and all you have to do is use the code JoinIn2010 when you sign up to get your 60 FREE Swagbucks!!

Wondering what Swagbucks is? Well basically is a search engine (similar to Google) that you get paid points to search for whatever you are looking for. I use it to get to my email, Facebook, all my favorite blogs- EVERYTHING. When you do your searches you can win Swagbucks (points) that can be redeemed for all kids of prizes. My favorite is the $5 Amazon gift card that is only 450 points! I just recently redeemed my 22nd card for this year which mean I have made $110 just by using the Internet like I normally would!!

The easiest way to remember to use it is by downloading the Swagbucks toolbar- this way when you use your internet browser it is right there and helps you remember to use it on a regular basis. I also have Swagbucks set as my homepage!Also when you have the toolbar set on your browser you get 1 point everyday just for it being there! That is 365 easy points a year!

They are other ways of earning points through Swagbucks through their special offers, surveys, polls and more!

Also every Friday is Mega Swagbucks day where you have a chance of winning 50-1000 Swagbucks. I have won 100 on a Friday before! Oh and one last thing- you can win more than once a day- so start searching but sign up here first!!!!

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