Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet My Mailbox! Catching up!

Monday's Mailbox!

- 2 sets of Huggies coupons
- Samples of Wellness cat & Dog food + coupons!
- $3.00 CVS Excedrin coupon (this will go great combining with a manufacture coupon!)

- Isn't this cute! It's a Snuggle Bear-- I was surprised when it came because it came in a box that said fragile- Baby H would probably agree because this has become her new favorite toy of the week! We won it from the Snuggle Sweepstakes for sharing our snuggly moment!

- This box is GIANT! I got such a good deal on in from Amazon- and with my gift cards earned through Swagbucks I paid NOTHING for them- normally they are $43.99!! 

Tuesday's Mailbox!

- My battery on my laptop was dying apparently-- at least that is what my computer told me-- so I got an oh so exciting new battery! My laptop seems to like this much better!
- FREE sample of beneful dog food from Walmart 

Wednesday's Mailbox!

- Coupon for a FREE bottle of Herbal Essence Shampoo or Conditioner- won on a Facebook promotion
-25% off coupon for Hibbet Sports

Thursday's Mailbox:

- FREE sample of Crest Whitestrips & $10 coupon from Walmart
- FREE sample of Lacoste perfume
- (2) FREE coupons from Quakers good for $4.50 off any product! from emailing them a compliment!
- (2) Star ashtrays from Marlboro-- notice the top missing on one-- yeah not sure where that went! 

And last but not least!! This didn't come in the mail but check out Baby H's new bow from My Little Girl, LLC! I loooove it!

okay- it won't turn around - but it's cute huh?

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  1. I love the Snuggy bear. I received one in the 80s and still have it (in my closet by my sunglasses).

    I hope Baby H loves it as much as I do.