Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Talk To Me Tuesday!

This week's Talk To Me Tuesday Wednesday- is a day late! What is more important though is to remember it does not matter when you send these e-mails it is just important to do it!! Remember by us sharing our feedback we are not only helping these companies with valuable information on their products but we might just end up with a nice surprise in the mailbox!! If you don't know what Talk To Me Tuesday is all about go here to read.

This week we will be emailing:

Burts Bees

Here is a list of who we have emailed so far and their response:

Kraft - (compliment) Thank You email
Jimmy Dean- (compliment) Free Coupon for any product up to $6.99
Bertolli- (complaint) Free Coupon for any product up to $5.00
McCormick-(compliment) Free Coupon for any McCormick product up to $1.50 & $.75 off Grill Mates

Keep sending me emails and messages about who you have heard from! I love to hear your feedback!!  

1 comment:

  1. I wrote general mills because my chex mix had a huge piece of what I believe to be excess ingredients and they sent me a voucher for free chex mix and $1.00 of of any general mills product:)