Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CVS Shopping 6-22

So I purchased 20- Seattle's Best Coffee FREE coupons off Ebay for about $4.50- They actually didn't cost me anything because I used a gift certificate to pay for them. I figured these would be great to stock up on for our trip coming up a nice 17 hour drive =). When I got to the store I went and checked to see if they had any of these drinks and they did- a fully stocked shelf. I figured I'd asked the cashier before I wasted my time getting 20 drinks out of the cooler if he would let me use all of my coupons (this particular cashier can sometimes be a pain in the butt). I made sure I was really nice when I asked and he pretty much told me no- then said the coupons said one coupon per purchase so I could only use one. I explained to him nicely that each item is considered a purchase and it does not say one per customer. He agreed to let me "try" it out and if it went through it would be fine. So I went and grabbed 4 our of the cooler along with the Shampoo/Conditioner and everything went fine. I asked him if I could go ahead and use the rest of my coupons and he said yes! I was excited because I really didn't want to have to keep going back to the store with both of the kids to use up all my coupons- I was really glad they let me use them all today! I just wanted to share this with you all to point out that- no I did not clear the shelf I left plenty for others & that if you are unsure of something always ask (nicely)! Here is everything I bought:

20- Seattle's Best Coffees- FREE (just paid tax)
2- Pantene Pro-V Shampoo/Conditioner $2/6 - less $3/2 manu coupon = recieved $2 in ECBs

Total before coupons & sales: $42.36
Total OOP: $4.07
Total Saved: $38.29 or 91%

 Earned $2ECB from Pantene & $1 ECB from my Green Bag Tag

Current ECB total: $9 for future purchases!

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