Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Talk To Me Tuesday!

Wow I was so surprised when I saw the coupon that was sent to me from emailing First Response. I posted it for you all to see but for those who didn't  I got a FREE coupon up to a $34 value--- I  am definitely interested to see if I can find a store who will accept a coupon with that high of a value! I'll let you all know! I know sometimes it can be discouraging when you are emailing companies and you "only" get a thank you or sometimes you will not even get a response at all. Just keep it up! The unexpected surprises like a $34 coupon make it all worth it!!!

Have you been keeping up with your emails? Are there any companies that have surprised you with their response!? Remember by us sharing our feedback we are not only helping these companies with valuable information on their products but we might just end up with a nice surprise in the mailbox!! If you don't know what Talk To Me Tuesday is all about go here to read.

This week we will be emailing:

Pop Tarts
Diaper Genie

Here is a list of companies we have emailed so far and their response:

Kraft - (compliment) Thank You email
Jimmy Dean- (compliment) Free Coupon for any product up to $6.99
Bertolli- (complaint) Free Coupon for any product up to $5.00
Quaker - (compliment) 2 Free Coupon for any products up to $4.50
Kellogg's - (compliment) 1 Free Coupon for any product up to $5.00
McCormick-(compliment) Free Coupon for any McCormick product up to $1.50 & $.75 off Grill Mates
Burts Bees- (complaint) Huge bottle of Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash
Doritos (compliment) Thank You email
Aquafresh- (compliment) Thank You email & various coupons
Colgate   (compliment) Thank You email
Cajun Injector (complaint) TWO deluxe injectors and coupons
Pillsbury Sweet Moments  (compliment) Thank You email
Applebees- no response
Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille - (compliment) no response
Rain-X-  (compliment) no response
Ortho Home Defense - (compliment) no response
Whirlpool- (compliment) no response
Finish- no response (compliment)
Diet Coke - (compliment) no response
Viva Paper Towels -  (compliment) $5 Coupon & $3 coupon off ANY Kimberly Clark product
Caffe Nero- (compliment) no response
Rapala -(complaint) told us to return the product to them with original packaging
Happy Baby Foods - (compliment) thank you email
Duracell - (complaint) no response
Plum Organics- (compliment) Thank You email, coupons
DiGiorno-(complaint) FREE product coupon
JoS. A. Bank - (compliment) no response
Lawry's - no response
Boogie Wipes - coupon coming in mail
Delsym-no response
Chicken Kitchen- (complaint) FREE meal
Kingsford- (compliment) Thank You email
Philadelphia Cooking Cream  - no response
Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino (compliment) FREE 4-pack coupon
Stouffers (compliment) Request to share my comment on their website
Pampers Wipes  (suggestion) $3.00 Coupon off ANY Pampers wipes
Baby Mum Mum- (compliment) thank you email
Earth's Best - no response
Annie's - thank you email
Haverty's thank you email
Guardsman thank you email
First Response - (complaint) FREE coupon good for ANY First Response product up to $34

Keep sending me emails and messages about who you have heard from! I love to hear your feedback!! 

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