Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dr. Appts = Shopping

I had a doctor's appointment in Tallahassee this morning and I always try to get in a little shopping while I am in town =). Well I have the $10/3 PJ coupons from Target that I posted about the other day that I am trying to find some good deals with so I decided to check out the Target on the other side of town. I did not find any PJ's while I was there but I did find some other awesome deals without using any coupons. I bought everything pictured above. Normally it would have cost $48.36 for only $12.08. One of the shirts was worn shortly after we left the store

Also while we were there I stopped @ Starbucks for a drink where my awesome barista gave me my drink for free =)

After we left Target we stopped to pick up the adorable custom made bow/headband for Haleigh.

Cute huh?


  1. I really love the bow......to cute!!

  2. All is super cute, especially your bed spread. I feel like I've seen it on some celebrity TV show.