Sunday, November 21, 2010

My shopping day 11/20

So things don't always go as planned especially when you have a 4 week old, 16 month old and 28 =) year old in tow. I think we did pretty well. I can't post exactly what I bought because some of them are Christmas presents but I'll post my totals before and after coupons =)

WinnDixie- before: $13.28 after: $2.28
Kohls- before: $72.04 after: $29.21
Hallmark- #1 before $20.41 after: $.90
Hallmark- #2 before $10.70 after: $1.42 (recieved $2 coupon for next time)
Target- $8.81- no coupons used a gift card to pay so $0 OOP (out of pocket)
Bath & Body- before: $6.99 after $1.61used a gift card to pay $0 OOP
      received a coupon for $10 off $30 purchase plus my coupon for free item up to $13 when you spend $10 is not good until tomorrow-- OOPS!
Toys R Us- Before $10.74 after $.52 used a gift card to pay $0 OOP
Walmart- before $44.27 after $20.74 plus I have a rebate for $9.99 so 10.75!

Total before sales and coupons $187.24 after $44.56 total savings 76%!!

Oh yeah we got BOGO Starbucks too-- I don't remember how much it was though =)

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