Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pretty Good Publix Trip 11/24/10

We were in need for food in this house- I was dreading on going to the grocery store today of all days because I thought it would be really crowded. The crowds weren't too bad and both babies bahaved themselves execpt Haleigh somehow wiggled half way out of her wrap so I shopped half the store with one arm. Anyway here is what we got:

2- Keebler snack sticks
2- Wheat Thins
4- Planters Peanuts
2- Pillsbury Rolls
2- Jimmy Dean Sausage
4- Cool Whip
2- Oscar Meyer Bacon
1- Raisins
1- Carrots
1- Milk
1- Tangerines
2- Dixie Paper Plates
1- Onion
2- Kraft Chunk Cheese
3- Greeting Cards
2- Stuffing
2- Lipton Tea Bags
1- EZ Pan
2- I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
4- Uncle Ben's Rice
2- Nestle Cookies
4- Swanson Chicken Broth
2- Cream Cheese
2- Celery
1- Bananas
1- Grapes
3- Gerber Yogurt Blends
2- NUK Bottle
1- 6 pack Bounty
1- 12 pack of Coke
2- Capri Suns

Total before sales and coupons : $184.06
Total after sales and coupons: $ 56.18
Total Savings: 70%

I get all of my sale/coupon match ups from iheartpublix

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