Thursday, December 9, 2010 EXCELLENT customer service!

A few weeks ago I posted about what I thought was "Pillow Pets" that were only $10 on I was too excited about the price to notice that these were a different version of the real thing- but by this point I already placed my order and really my kids won't have a clue anyway! Well I got a email from a friend of mine (and fellow reader) because she received her order and they were WAY smaller than expected. I told her I had not received mine yet. Well I received one of my orders and it was the pink bunny I got for Haleigh, the next day another pink bunny showed up. Not the brown dog I originally ordered for Hunter. During this time I received an email from letting me know that there had been some mix up in people's orders and if I had any problems to email them. So I sent the email expecting the worst and after a few emails back and forth I received an email just a little while ago letting me know I could keep the duplicate pink bunny and they were sending me the brown dog at no charge! I'm telling you I did not know what to expect from this company since I have never dealt with them before but I will definitely shop with them again!! Their customer service is top notch! Thanks Jane!

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