Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stalking Wedding and Baby Registries Lead me to this article...

Today I FINALLY after 4 1/2 years went and had my ring sized- since Baby H was born my ring had become ridiculously huge and I was so afraid of losing it- in fact I usually don't go a day without it falling off- so off to the jeweler it went! I was super surprised at my "new" ring size it lead me to googling the average ring size (it's a 6 BTW).

One of my favorite stories about my engagement to my now husband is not the actual engagement itself but how he figured how my ring size. My hubby and I started dating in March of 2005. While we were dating he went through this phase where he always wanted me to wear rings and he would pick me out a ring to wear and place it on my ring finger. I thought it was just super cute and cheesy- but never thought too much about it. Well Mr. smarty pants wanted me to wear rings because he was trying to figure out my ring size. At night I would take off my jewelry and when I was not around he would take my ring and try it on his finger. So when he went to pick out my engagement ring he tried it on his own finger to know if it would fit me or not.

Anyway this website I found tonight had some super cute ways of figuring out someone's ring size- so I thought  I would share. Totally random I know - this is what happens when you have a 4 month old and your sleep deprived =)

1. Ask her friends or relatives. If your girlfriend has any inkling that you may be proposing in the near future, she may have told them her ring size.

2. Does she wear other rings? Does she occasionally remove them for showering, etc? Does she keep them in a jewelry box?
Option 1 – When she’s not around, temporarily “borrow” a ring that she wears on her ring finger and trace the inner part of the ring on a piece of paper. Be sure to return the ring immediately and then match your tracing to one of the ring sizes on the printable ring size chart. Or, match it to the FREE ring sizer.
Option 2 – Carry around a small bar of soap in your pocket. A hotel soap is the perfect size. When she’s not around, press the ring into the soap to make an imprint. Be sure to wipe the soap residue off the ring and return it to its proper place. When you’re alone, use the FREE ring sizer to match the imprinted circle. Just lay the ring sizer over the imprint and find the ring size that best fits the imprint.
Option 3 – Take her ring and place it on one of your fingers. Draw a line around your finger where the ring falls. Use the FREE ring sizer to measure the marked area on your finger.
Option 4 – Take the ring and slide it down a tapered candle. Mark the candle where it falls, then use the FREE ring sizer to measure the marked candle.

3. If you don’t plan on proposing for quite some time, present her with a lovely, but inexpensive fashion ring on her birthday or some romantic holiday. Giving her this ring can be “practice” for the real thing. And although you may not buy the right size initially, you will more than likely find out her correct finger size afterwards.
4. Find an accomplice! Get her mom or one of her friends, whoever would be appropriate (and trustworthy of your secret) to go shopping with her and get her to try on rings at any jewelry store. Everyone can get their fingers sized! They can excuse this as speculative fun, and your girlfriend may not suspect a thing.

5. Go shopping with her. Is there anyone else you could potentially say you’re picking out a ring for (a mother, grandmother, etc.)? That way, you could go ring shopping with her and get her to model different rings so you can see what they look like. You could discuss ring sizes, and then take this opportunity to get her finger sized at the store “just for kicks”. You will also be able to get a good sense of the styles of rings she prefers.

6. If she is a heavy sleeper, use the FREE ring sizer on her finger while she is sleeping.

7. Buy a fake ring…some $10 thing from a department store as a “surprise”. Then tell her you want to go shopping together for the real thing. This way, she can pick the ring of her dreams, and in the correct size.

8. As a last resort, you could simply go with a size 6, which is the average finger size for the average-size woman in the U.S.

Share your engagement or ring buying stories with me!! If your not engaged or married share another sweet surprise- I'm a sucker for a good story!

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