Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meet My Mailbox!

So you guys were right my mailbox was FULL today!!!
- 2 FREE Coffemate coupons- Facebook promotion
- 4 FREE Toaster Strudel coupons- Instant win game
- FREE Karo Syrup Coupon- Submitted a recipe
- P&G Coupon book - it is HUGEEE! - Facebook promotion
- $35 Organize in Style coupon book
- $10 BP Gift card from their Thank You Days promotion- still going on now!
- CoverGirl foundation sample & coupons- Walmart sample
- 2 Remedy magazines (not sure why I get two)
- $1 Renuzit coupon = FREE - Facebook promotion
- $12 check from the Swiffer promotion I talked about here

If you ever have any questions about where or how I got something please ask!! Did you guys get anything good today!!??

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