Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Superpoints Network!! Make more FREE Money!!

I love freebies & coupons but what I love more is FREE money!! Superpoints is a site I just recently joined. You can only join by invite only! 

What is Superpoints?

The Superpoints Network is a fast & easy way to earn/win rewards online. Super simple, just collect points, then redeem them for real-world prizes, like gift cards, brand name merchandise and more.

How can I earn Superpoints? 

To get the most out of the Superpoints Network, tell everyone you know about our sites using your special referral links. If you recruit someone to join Superpoints, you become their “sponsor.” No one else can sponsor them. If you recruit someone to join, you get 25 Superpoints when they reach the Basic member level. A limited number of invites are available so use them wisely. You can get more invites when one expires or when someone uses it to sign up. You can also get more invites when you increase your member level. 

After you get your invitation, fill out your profile completely and you will automatically be promoted to Basic level. At this level, you will get 30 spins per day of the SuperLucky button.  Invite friends, the more friends you have, the more points you earn and the more spins you get. The next level after Basic is Gold. That level just requires that you have 2 friends. At Gold level, you get 50 spins per day. Plus at God or Platinum, you win whatever your friends win! Once you get to Platinum level (5 friends), you will get 100 spins per day.  

Check your email daily. Each day they will send you an email with points. Sometimes as little as 1 point sometimes big points- I think the most I have received so far was 25 points. 

Spin daily. Just make it part of your daily routine to go in and spin. This part can be kinda boring sometimes so I usually do it when I watching TV or something.

At 500 points (if you are at Platinum level), you can redeem those 500 points for $5 in Paypal cash or other $5 options like Amazon Cash. Pretty cool. (or you could always save them up for the 76,000 point iPad!)

Here are some available invites! I will try and marked them used so you don't have to keep clicking!! 

Invite 1

Invite 2

Invite 3

Invite 4

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