Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet My Mailbox!

Today was such a fun day- I love when unexpected gifts show up!

The first surprise package came from the kid's great-grandmother. I am so in love with this blanket and the card that came with it made me love it even more. A friend of my Gram's made it and she said she wanted it to go to a Catholic baby to use during their Baptism. So perfect for us since we are actually going to Baptism class on Sunday for Baby H. The card was so sweet, the friend wrote how wonderful my Grandmother was and thanked her for all the work she does for the little babies she also talked about how much love she put into this blanket for the little baby who will use it for their Baptism- I can't wait for my girl to use it!
The next surprise had lots of super cute clothes for the kids!
- Coupon book for Burger King
- $5/$25 Dollar General (I'm going to call my Publix to see if they will accept this!)
- Coupon mailer insert
- (2) Leatheman tool-thingys (yes this is the technical term for this whozitwhatsit)- prize from Marlboro
- Netipot from their Facebook promotion- they have these pretty often!!

What did you get today???


  1. i think you're adorable and try to keep up with you as much as i can. Give the kids kisses from me. Miss ya, T!