Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet My Mailbox!

Nothing like blogging when everyone is sleeping-- I love it-- no seriously I do =)

Here is what I got today!!
- FREE coupon for Yoplait Yogurt- still available here
- FREE coupon from Jimmy Dean - I posted about here
- $10 check from Phillips from a rebated submitted in December from buying this Sonicare Electric toothbrush - guess how much I paid for it after this rebate! $7!!!! Yeahhhh!!

Check out the awesome package that showed up from the Valspar-I posted about it here! I was so impressed with this kit! It includes a mini-roller & refill, a mini paint tray, paint sample in that awesome blue color I picked & a $5 off coupon!! Now I just have to figure out what I will paint!! This is still available to those that are interested. Go here and like Valspar on Facebook- they will be giving away another 1,000 samples @ 9am!!

 Oh and no big deal-- it's just the new Tiffany & Co. catalog. I might or might not want almost everything in here for Valentine's Day. You know you could always make this suggestion for me to my hubby-- I might or might not have left it on the counter in the kitchen =)

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