Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Coupon Binder!!

I was super excited today when I was asked to show you my binder! Now I want to start off but letting you know everyone has their own style on how they like to organize their coupons. Here are a few example how others organize theirs!

I'll tell you my some of those methods make me crazy just to look at them!! My personal preference is the binder method. Basically I clip my coupons every week and organize them into baseball card holders divided in my binder by category. Some find this method crazy because it can be time consuming but I have it down to a science now where it really does not take me that long to do it anymore! I usually take one night a week and plop in front of the TV once the kids are asleep and start organizing and putting away any coupons I have from the week. This goes for IPs (internet printables), Mailers, Sunday paper coupons etc. Also at the end of every month I take out all expired coupons. I usually do this the last day of the month- in fact I did this tonight!

So here it is! The He Works I Save Coupon Binder!!

It is just a plain white 2-inch 3-ring binder. When I started out couponing in 2009 I did not want to spend very much making my binder- I mean the point of it was to save me money right?- So I bought the cheapest supplies I could find. This is the original binder I bought. I would suggest getting a 2-inch binder. With a 1-inch you will run out of room quickly!

My binder is pretty organized right now and freshly cleaned out! Normally the pocket on the left is filled with the current Yellow and Green Advantage flyers from Publix. The Black zippered pouch is used to hold my scissors and pens. When I plan my grocery store trips I go ahead an pull any coupons I plan on using and put them in here. This way when I am walking around the store I can just go through this instead of going through my entire book. No worries though the book always comes with me in case I want to buy something I was not planning on - like clearance items! I always bring scissors with me too in case I find a booklet or I need to clip a coupon while shopping!

I have my book separated by dividers into 14 sections they are
FREE- any FREE item coupons, ECBs, Register Rewards
Refrigerated- Cheese, Butter, Produce etc.
Frozen- Frozen veggies, Pizza, Frozen Meals, Ice Cream etc--- you know the stuff in the freezers =)
Grains- Pasta, Rice, Bread etc
Meat- Lunch meat, Bacon, Fresh Meat etc
Candy/Baking- Candy, Baking mixes, Flour, Sugar etc.
Cans/Jars/Bottles- Mayo, Soup, Salad Dressings, Condiments etc
Pet - Anything for the Dog
Household- Cleaning stuff, Laundry, Dish Washing, Batteries, Air Fresheners- etc
Health & Beauty- Medicine, Toothpaste, Feminine Products, Shaving supplies, Shower Stuff - etc
Baby- Anything for the kids, diapers, wipes, kid food etc
Drinks - all drinks including coffee
Misc- office supplies, store coupons, anything that doesn't fit somewhere else
Restaurants- restaurant coupons

I also have my coupon organized in each section. For example Health & Beauty is a HUGE section. So I have it organized by pages. All the medicine goes together, tampons/pads, toothpaste/toothbrushes/floss etc. Make sense?
I have these large clear sleeves in the misc. section to hold things like Bed Bath and Beyond coupons

I also use these large sleeves to hold certain stores coupon policies! Sometime employees need a little educating on the correct coupon policies for that particular store.
I suggest printing these out and keeping them with you. Walgreens Walmart Target. 

I also keep address labels in my book so when I sell things like formula checks on Ebay I always know where they are:
In the very back I keep empty baseball card sleeves

In the back pocket I have a big pink envelope for any rebates- here I keep the rebate forms and any receipts that are needed for the rebates.

And that's it!! That is my coupon book!! I know it may look like a lot or even overwhelming but this is just the method that works best for me! With two little ones I need to be super organized when I go to the store because they are usually with me 95% of the time so I try to get in/out as fast as possible!

Let me know if you have any questions at all! I love questions and I would love to help you get yours started!!

Don't forget when we reach 100 fans on the He Works I Save Facebook page I will be giving away a starter coupon binder!!

Oh yeah one last thing-- here is the back of my binder from the best vacation EVER! JJ and I won a FREE trip to Montana last year! It was such an amazing place!!
BTW this picture collage was FREE from Walgreens =)


  1. I so need to get organized like that. I'm just getting back into couponing and I'm finding myself already drowning in coupons, and where the heck I'm supposed to use them... I like your set up!

  2. It took some practice to get it down to a system- I have been known in the past to just start over if I get to far behind- or I won't even get the Sunday papers and just order the coupons I need from a clipping service! Its easy to get overwhelmed but you can let the coupons take over!!