Saturday, February 5, 2011

Meet My Mailbox!

This was actually my mailbox from yesterday! Nothing good today!

1- Save up to $1.50 coupon from McCormick = FREE Spices - The hubby should be super excited about this one! I got this from emailing them a compliment!
1- Save $.75 on any Grill Mates from McCormick- came with the FREE coupon
20- Dove $2.00 on any deodorant or body spray- ordered from Ebay

You might be wondering why I ordered 20 Dove coupons- Well at Publix they sell the Dove Deodorant for $2.99 so with this coupon that makes them just $.99/each. Well to make it even better they also have a $1/1 Degree or Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, any 2.6 to 3 oz in the Green Advantage Flyer (they are usually right by the front door with the weekly flyers). So do the math- yep that means FREE deodorant. 20 to be exact =) and actually I'll make $.20 in overage when I buy them too. Dove is my FAVORITE deodorant so when I saw this deal I went ahead and purchased these coupons off Ebay. I paid ~$1.50 for all of them. I used the money in my Paypal account that I make by doing surveys and stuff (It's my FREE money to do whatever I want with) so technically they won't cost me anything!! 

This is what the Green Advantage Flyer looks like! 

BTW these dove coupons were in last weeks Sunday paper from 1/30- so check your coupons!

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