Sunday, January 23, 2011

FREE Swiffer: After Rebate! UPDATE

Thursday I posted about a potential money maker on the Swiffer Duster at Walmart here. So yesterday while the kids were napping I ventured out to do a little shopping. I stopped at Walmart to see what they had and found out this deal is available on the Swiffer Dusters, Sweepers and the Swiffervac. I ended up purchasing the Sweeper even though I already have one. It was $7.47 but I had a coupon for a FREE refill when you buy a Swiffer Sweeper so this ended up being the best deal since the refill was almost $5. The coupon for the FREE refill was from the Oragnize in Style Booklet I mentioned here. Here is what it looks like:
and here is the FREE refill I got:
I will send in the form here and opt not to receive the magazine subscription so they will send me a $12 check making this a MONEYMAKER =)Nothing like getting paid to buy things we need!

If you have any questions about how to do this deal let me know. I have a few extra coupons so if you would like one I would be more than happy to drop one in the mail to you!

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