Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet My Mailbox!

So yes getting the mail is fun for me-- sounds pretty lame I know but it is always a surprise so that is the fun part. I am going to try and post everyday what comes in my mailbox. Hopefully this will get you to start signing up for all the things that are available to you out there! Today I'll post what I got yesterday and today!
 Here is Thursday's Meet My Mailbox:
-The Yellow Reusable Tote & the $1/2 Lays products was from a contest Dollar General was having a few weeks back. The Tote is HUGE & I love these things for sending stuff home with people (like when I share the free stuff I get). I was pretty excited about this coupon because coupons for Lays products are rare- which is probably a good thing - but this will be nice to have the next time they are BOGO @ Publix!
- Curel Lotion Sample & $1 off coupon
- Coupon for a FREE 12 pack of a Coca-Cola product "purchased" with points from My Coke Rewards! Save your points people - they add up!!

Here is today's Meet My Mailbox:

- My Coupon Order from CouponDede: These coupons will get me FREE + overage Maalox, FREE Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese & Free Halls & Publix this week!
- Check for $9.99 from a similar deal to the one I posted yesterday I only paid $5 for the stuff I bought in order to get the rebate so I made $5 on the deal & got FREE products!!
- Slim-fast bar sample request from Sam's Club

Oh and one last thing...
Yes FSU I know graduation is close-- but not here yet-- could you stop teasing me with all of these graduation mailings- thanks!

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