Thursday, January 20, 2011

Publix & Winn Dixie Baby Clubs = FREE coupons

I am obsessed with Publix Baby Club. Once you join Publix Baby Club you will receive coupons & newsletters up until the child's second birthday. What is great about the coupons is that they are Publix coupons which means you can combine them with manufacture coupons to get free or really cheap stuff. Now another thing is that the coupons they send you are not only for baby items. My parents are signed up for Publix Baby Club and they keep the coupons for produce, milk, cheese things like that and send me the rest (Thanks Mom & Dad) Also some of the coupons you receive are for FREE items. The first set of coupons usually comes with FREE coupons for items like lotion, sanitizer, alcohol & baby cereal.

Go here to sign up for Publix Baby Club- it really is an awesome program and you can have more than one registration. I have one for both kids!

Another Baby Club I just recently joined is Winn Dixie's Baby Club. They also send out awesome coupons. The first mailer I received included a FREE coupon for Winn Dixie Brand diapers & wipes (no purchase necessary) and a $5 off $30 purchase (which can be used at Publix). They also send out store coupons that you can combine with manufacture coupons to get some really great deals- You can also use these coupons @ Publix if you store accepts competitor coupons (most do).

Go here to sign up for the Winn Dixie Baby Club

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