Thursday, January 27, 2011

Target Shopping! 1/26

Ugh I hate when I have a shopping trip planned out and it doesn't work out like I wanted. See when you have two little ones under two and you are shopping alone you HAVE to have a plan because if your anything like me you will forget everything. Well today my kids had other plans for me and I had a screaming child (the both took turns) most of the time I was in the store so I didn't even get to use any of the coupon deals I had planned. Oh well! I did get the main thing I needed, which was a present (not pictured). It was normally $39.99 on clearance for $9.98! Here is what else I was able to get!! FYI they have some great clearance going on right now!

Crayola Bath Crayons- $4.98 PAID $2.48
Diaper Genie Refill- $6.00 less $1 coupons PAID $5.00
Girls Leggings- $4.00 PAID $1.00
Boys Pullover $8.00 PAID $1.75
Boys Shirt $6.00 PAID $1.50
Boys Jean Shorts $9.99 PAID $2.48
Knee High Socks $2.00 PAID $1.00- I am going to try and make my own Baby Legs =)
1- Market Pantry Bread $1.12/each PAID $.80/each
Present $39.99 PAID $9.98

Total Before Sales and Coupons $ 89.44
Total After Sale and Coupons $28.76
Total Savings $60.68 or 68%

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